Men at MOCA: Art in the Streets Exhibit

by Jerri Howell on Wednesday, April 20, 2011

in Los Angeles,StreetStyle

Let’s Hear it for the Boys - I’ve already mentioned it was a circus last Saturday at MOCA’s Art in the Streets exhibit at the Geffen Contemporary members’ opening. I had hoped to snap some stylish women, but discovered it was really the men making statements. With the nature of Street Art, it was a male-centric show and most of the artists were even on hand. It was really touching to watch them interact with their fans. My friends over at Mondette had gotten a sneak peek of the show if you want to read more about it. More men’s style after the jump. I promised you my Shepard Fairey fanboy discovery and look for that fun post over the weekend.

MOCA’s time-lapse of entire wall murals painted for the show. 

Shea’s wearing his step-grandfather’s demi tie

Banksy’s cardboard machine guns with ironic ammo

Another Banksy

If you’re curious to read more about the art, check out GiantRobot about the show and Hypebeast about Banksy. I really hope you’ve already seen Exit Through the Gift Shop. If you follow Mr. Brainwash (not in the MOCA show), you MUST watch these videos by the über-talented LaMattina Brothers (Joe & David). Here’s parts one and two. || TwitterFacebook

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