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by Jerri Howell on Friday, February 3, 2012

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My Q&A with Langley Fox – I was shooting a MADISON event last fall when I spotted celebrity stylist/designer Britt Bardo (left) and Langley Fox (right). Britt’s reacting to the tiny cursive print in Langley’s journal (witnessed after the jump). Langley had this, hmm, almost romantic presence and I was curious about her and did some sleuthing. She’s a 22-year-old [very talented] freelance illustrator and designer, who’s more recently dabbling in modeling. She’s also a Hemingway. Her mother is actress Mariel Hemingway and her sister is model Dree Hemingway. I could see the talent in her hand and was curious to get her story and she was kind enough to indulge in a little Q&A, below.

Q: On growing up Hemingway…

Growing up a Hemingway is just what I know as a human being. I realize that it is unique and I feel honored to be attached to such a great man and also a whole line of inspiring people, but I don’t let it characterize the person I am or becoming.

Q: Is that your given name and is there a story behind Langley Fox?

Yes, Langley is my first name and Fox is my middle name.  I’ve come to realize that people think I make up the Fox part of my name but it is in fact my grandma’s maiden name and my given middle name.  I like it though because it makes me feel like a story book character.

Q: You spend a lot of time on both coasts. Where are you now and what projects are top of mind right now?

I’m currently living in LA and enjoying the sun, but quite often travel back to New York for design jobs and what not.

[Editor's Note: Langley is wearing a Rag & Bone dress she altered slightly in length, a Ralph Lauren hat and a bag she got in Hailey, Idaho for $15 at an antique flea market.]

Q: How would you describe your style?

I always seem to want to stick to one “style” or “theme” but there are so many different ways of expressing yourself through your clothes and I seem to go from day to day creating the person I want to be that day. It’s ADD and random but in an overall sense, I think it forms into some sort of style…?

Q: Where are your favorite places to shop or hang around the globe? Any style secrets you care to share?

My favorite places to shop are vintage stores.  I can’t help finding an obscene vintage dress that is realistically ridiculous and probably ugly, and convincing myself that I have to buy it so it can see the day of light once again.

As far as style secrets, they’re really aren’t any, I think just feeling confident in the clothes you wear, even if they’re not in the norm of society, will allow other people to appreciate them too.  If not, oh well, who cares as long as you feel good.

Q: Something tells me you have some interesting collections. Anything you can share with us?

Collections… as in things? Well I have a collection of feathers. I also really like knickknacks (not to say I’m a hoarder or messy, quite OCD), but there’s nothing better than sentimental shenanigans precisely placed around ones living space. It really allows your personal space to become homey and comforting.

Q: Why do you write so small?

Well, I am quite organized and neat but also very detailed (it’s like organized chaos) and when I’m writing, I am also enjoying every letter that I squeeze out of my pen. Penmanship is another form of art in my opinion and as an artist, I want my handwriting to be beautiful and unique just like my drawings.

Q: Your philosophy on rings?

I’ve always been a huge fan of jewelry and rings in particular. I think that my hands are the one constant of my style, they don’t change (and if they do, it is ever so slightly); they are like the string that holds every outfit together.  I like each hand to be full with every ring strategically placed to my liking. Hands are one of my favorite parts of a body, the way they perform, the actions they allow one to do, and what’s better than putting character in them by enhancing them with beautiful metal and gems!

What music is moving you, lately?

I really enjoy classic blues and rock’n roll. I am going through a lovely Led Zeppelin phase (which my father and I can bond over).  I also love Howlin’ Wolf, CCR, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, and much more along those lines.

Q: What drew you to illustration and what inspires you?

I’ve always loved drawing and the more I do it the better I become, so everyday is like an adventure of new things I will discover I can or can’t do. I’m greatly inspired by other peoples work, not usually any one famous or well known, but just stumbled upon through the internet that drives me to try new techniques or challenge myself.  I am also greatly inspired by Tim Burton movies, characters, and sceneries.  I like the dark yet innocent environments he creates, and greatly hope to one day by able to do something with him.

Q: I can see the eye of a fashion designer in your illustrations. What’s next with fashion?

Well, I went to school for Fashion design and greatly appreciate the profession. I also like the world of a freelance designer and illustrator, allowing me to work on a project, put my heart into, and then move onto something else new and exciting. So for fashion, if I am given opportunities to create beautiful clothes and somewhat characters in a realistic sense, of course I will!

Langley’s website: LangleyFox.com

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