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by Jerri Howell on Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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Music Maker - I spotted Stephen Biebel in the West Village, walking his dog Sumo, or the other way around. My first impressions (also known as snap judgements) were that his look was timeless and that he was genuine. I discovered later that he’s a music artist and shouldn’t have been surprised that his music sounded timeless, too. The songs I sampled felt like cinematic scores that might play during pivotal moments of the movie, or that feel good moment as the camera lifts over the cityscape and the credits start to roll.

Stephen comprises half the band 2 Hearts and Chemicals, with an unusual spin. He’s NYC based, but his bandmate Eli Lhymn lives in LA, but somehow these childhood friends have managed to make it work. I was curious about Stephen’s style and sound and you can catch more in our Q & A after the jump. 

Q: First, I must know more about your attentive dog (seen here).

My dog’s name is Sumo, he’s a Japanese breed called Shiba Inu, and he was definitely the chubbiest pup of his litter. Thus, the name.

Q: How would you describe your style?

Honestly, I don’t really think about it. I just dress how I’m comfortable. My style has to be considered easy going, casual, and comfortable… but that’s about it.

Q: What were you wearing when I spotted you?

It just so happens that the denim shirt, jacket, and shoes are all Billy Reid. Honestly, I didn’t plan that. Sumo was demanding a walk down by the piers, so I threw on everything I had draped over the chair. All Billy Reid, including the shoes.

Q: What inspired the bandana?

The inspiration for the bandana was really just finding a good way to keep my hair out of my face. I naturally trend a bit towards 1970′s style, so the bandanas fit right in. Also, they are 2 for $5 on St. Mark’s.

Q: When you visit your bandmate Eli in LA, where do you guys like to hang?

I was there in early February to play 2 shows, one at The Satellite and one at The Airliner. Our rehearsal time is limited, so we mostly just hung out at our rehearsal space, and the venues that we were playing at. I know, it’s not too exciting.

Q: Where do you prefer to hear live music in NYC/LA (or anywhere really)?

I really like the Williamsburg scene, so I’ll hang at Glasslands, Cameo, and the like. But really, just anywhere where my friends are playing.

Q: Aside from your music, what’s the last song you sang in the shower?

That’s a good question. I really love singing in the shower, because it provides the perfect monotone background that allows for unadulterated melodic freedom. I think the last song that I sang in the shower that I didn’t write was Mykonos, by Fleet Foxes.

Q: Do you have a favorite song of your own?

With 2 Hearts and Chemicals, I think my favorite song is Paradise Lost. It was the first song we wrote together under this moniker, and I feel that it’s very unique. To me, a very, very special and personal song.

[Editor's Note: Some great finds, lyrics, and even free downloads, via their bandcamp page]

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