Inside Shoptiques

by Jerri Howell on Friday, May 25, 2012

in New York

Olga Vidisheva, Shoptiques CEO

Sunlit in Soho - A big thank you to Shoptiques for featuring me in this week’s Ask the Expert! I thought I’d feature them right back, so I dropped by their [rather envious] Soho digs to take a few sunny snaps of this style start up.

Shoptiques brings curated boutique inventory online, starting with select storefront partners in major shopping cities, creating virtual neighborhoods to shop - with Paris, Tokyo (!) and Bali as the next cities in the queue.

It’s an ambitious task, headed up by Olga Vidisheva (CEO), a Harvard MBA and Chelsea Sun (Vice President) and Maureen Wilkie (General Manager) who both come from Investment Banking. Between the three of them (and some pretty big name backing), I think they’ve got it covered.

Chelsea Sun, Vice President

Maureen Wilkie, General Manager

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